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Murder Must Advertise - De Horror Vacui [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Murder Must Advertise [Mar. 25th, 2016|06:36 pm]
De Horror Vacui
Murder Must Advertise, Dorothy Sayers:

This is a great book. First off, the main character, Lord Peter Wimsey, is a cross between Hercule Poirot and Bertie Wooster who solves murders to pass the time. Which is awesome. In this case, Wimsey disguises himself as an almost-adman in the 1930s (when the book was written) to solve a mysterious death and, as an aside, dismantles a sex-crazed flapper dope ring. Very awesome.

Can't say anything more about the plot, of course: it's a mystery.

What I liked so much about Sayers' writing in this book is how she handled the chapters. Most chapters (perhaps all) were little stories, they way they are supposed to be. There is a beginning, a middle, and an end, but the story both advances the plot and gives a clue or two to one of the mysteries (if you pick up on it, because it could be incidental to the chapter). There's enough of a resolution after every chapter that you never feel like you've been left with a cliffhanger -- something I hate as much as I hate to see "to be continued" at the end of a TV show (though not as much as having threads of four different stories run through each chapter, advancing only one -- and that marginally).

I can't say anything more, of course, because I'd just be nitpicking.

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